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I International Congress
on Song Dubbing

& Translation for Musical Theatre

Online, 10-11 May 2024

Conference theme


Stage and film musicals are a complex artistic genre (Kenrick 2000/2020) which is usually called upon to endure over time and cross borders. When translating a theatrical or audiovisual work into other languages ​​and cultures, one of the great challenges faced by those who import it is to produce an effect in the target audience that is very similar to that produced in the country of origin (Cotes Ramal 2005; Franzon 2005; Apter and Herman 2016: 58; Low 2017: 109-111).


For this purpose, it is essential to understand in depth those key elements that need to be transferred, taking into account the original work and the type of commission (Mateo 2008; Mas-Griera 2020: 6:48 and 26:48). This requires the need for creators, translators, adaptors and stage directors to reach a series of consensus.


The working thesis is to demonstrate that, if the necessary conditions are given, versions that are faithful to both form and content can be achieved, placing special emphasis on the balance that should be met between literality and literariness (Etkind 1982: 261 ; Gallegos Rosillo 2001; Torrent-Lenzen 2006; Low 2005, 2013).


The main objective of this conference is to create a space for reflection and dialogue among the different agents of the professional world and the university field, at an international level, with a special focus on song lyrics, given the enormous complexity that can be found in the task of recreating them in other languages.

Both approaches, practice and research, complement each other when it comes to assessing the quality of the resulting product, both in dubbing and in the musical theatre.

The recipients of this congress are:


  • Musical theatre composers

  • Lyricists

  • Composition students

Translators and adaptors

  • Audiovisual and literary translators

  • Song adaptors

  • Translation students


  • Actors and singers

  • Dubbing actors

  • Stage directors

  • Choreographers

  • Musical theatre students

Researchers and lecturers

  • Audiovisual and literary translation teachers

  • Researchers in the field of musical translation and adaptation

  • Researchers in the field of musical theatre or musical films


The First Congress on Song Dubbing and Translation for Musical Theatre will be dedicated, but not limited to, the following topics and themes:


1. Rhymes and reasons


  • Psychology behind the rhyme-as-reason effect

  • The contribution of rhyme to language acquisition


2. The architecture of Broadway songs


  • Rhyme in musical theatre

  • Style in Broadway lyrics

  • Singability: writing lyrics with consideration of music and staging

  • Why is the title of a song so important?

  • Songwriting through the years: evolution of the genre

  • The music industry in relation to songs


3. Song dubbing and translation for musical theatre


  • The cultural challenge behind exporting Broadway musicals

  • Defining equivalence and setting standards: content and form

  • Credibility and dubbing? Is it possible to persuade the audience?

  • In search of a comprehensive model for analysis

  • The profession of song translators

  • Training for translating and adapting musicals


The working languages are English and Spanish.


Please submit abstracts of 300 words (excluding references) via e-mail. The submission deadline is 15 Feb 2023, and acceptance or rejection will be communicated by 10 Mar 2024.


Your Abstract Submission must include the following information and be adapted to our Abstract Sheet:




Institution, Company of freelance translator or interpreter (specify): 

Abstract (Max. 300 words):


Phone number:

E-mail address for correspondence:



Congress organization



Nicholas Saunders (Escuela de Doblaje de Canciones)


Iñaki Torre Fica (Escuela de Doblaje de Canciones)



Mónica Zapardiel (Escuela de Doblaje de Canciones)


Organising committee


Mar Ogea Pozo (Universidad de Córdoba)


Daniel Ricardo Soto Bueno (Universidad de Málaga)


Alberto Mira (Oxford Brookes University)


Anna Deeny Morales (Georgetown University)

Keynote Speaker

Peter Low (Canterbury University)




María Ovelar

Song adaptor and musical dubbing director

Ángel Fernández Sebastián

Song adaptor and audiovisual translator

Marc Gómez Domènech

Song adaptor, dubbing and musical theatre actor

Albert Mas-Griera

Song adaptor and theatrical translator

Eduardo Gutiérrez

Dubbing director, script adaptor and actor

Daniel Anglès

Song adaptor, musical theatre director and actor


Erik Cruz

Song dubbing artist - Kristoff in Frozen (Spanish version)

Jocelyn B. Smith

Song dubbing artist - Thalia in Hercules (German version)

Myrra Malmberg

Song dubbing artist - Megara in Hercules (Swedish version)

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